Porn and Newspapers: Fighting the same battle?


Yes, according to The Atlantic because, “Nobody wants to pay for their products.”

Hit the link to read this porn-heavy analysis with not so much about the newspaper biz, but here’s the bottom line:

What holds for journalism in this case holds for sex. In both cases, the competition is so broad that customers are likely to go elsewhere rather than pay.


Bingo! This is the idea that we’ve been looking for!

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Is this art or is this real?

This answer is: WHO CARES???!!!!

The important thing about this photo is the reverse band at the bottom: “FREE CHIPS FOR EVERY READER”

What a great idea. Give away free potato (Yes!) chips with every paper. Potato chips — the perfect food.

Probably easier to pull off than FREE BEER with every paper.


Desperate times call for desperate measures?

Casey Fox/Flickr

Debate over The Times-Picayune move to a non-daily “daily” newspaper continues and The Atlantic weighs in with Why a Weak Website Can’t Replace a Daily Newspaper in New Orleans.

 … after making cuts at various points over the past few years, (The Times-Picayune owners Advance Publications) has simply decided to dispense with piece-by-piece downsizing. Instead, it’s blowing up the old Times-Picayune and turning what remains into an adjunct to its nola site, creating a new, digital company called the NOLA Media Group to run it. This is audacious. And who knows? Since no one has yet figured out how to make newspapers profitable in the long run, either in print or on the Internet, maybe we would have ended up here anyway after a few years.

Give this a good read. Knowing newspapers, if this takes off (makes money) for nola, then expect a horde of copycats.

This article available here.


Times-Picayune newsroom gets some encouragement from Lou Grant


Some creative posters seen around the newsroom of the soon-to-be three-times a week “daily” Times-Picayune:

• “What the hell is an ‘enhanced’ newspaper?”

• “What the hell is a ‘robust’ Web site anyway?”

• “How exactly do we do more with less?”

• “Fewer ad dollars, huh? What about a paywall?”

• “A 3-day-a-week newspaper in New Orleans? When did Ted Baxter become an executive at Advance Publications?”

Is this cool, or what? Newspaper’s P1 in BINARY!

To celebrate its publishing the print edition on,ine, the Swiss newspaper  Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) decided to print its P1 in binary code!

Hi-lar-E-ous! I wonder how many readers were in on the joke, or just accepted the page as a font-substituting disaster?

Visit to see real Swiss headlines

Download the PDF … 

… and read exciting headlines like:


01110010 01101001

Stop the presses! Newspaper church key opens beer bottles!

Corona? Yuuucckkk! But just in case you need yet another reason to keep newspapers going, here’s a short vid that show you how to turn your daily rag into a church key.

I’m assuming that this will also work with another frosty bottled beverage of your choice, but the only thing that the church key in my kitchen drawer opens is BEER!