Welcome to a new student newspaper

These kids in Grand Junction, Colo. have started their own PRINTED student newspaper. With one edition under their belt, they’re looking forward to the new school year.

The New Emerson Post published its inaugural issue this month, and it appears to be one of the only student newspapers produced at the elementary school level in the U.S.


Read about it here


That’s some newspaper reader!


The good people over at The Dogington Post have a great header for their news round up page!

You should check it out.


Little dog, big newspaper

I don’t know which newspaper this pup is bringing in, but I think it’s the something Sentinel.

Now, as far as which News Sentinel, we have several options:

OR, it could be The Press-Sentinel, in Jesup, Georgia.

Anyone want to make a guess?

I’m going with the Georgia newspaper based on the Rick Case wrap.

Newspaper in miniature

Diorama Dreams.jpg

Found this miniature diorama in Facebook (Diorama Dreams).

An iconic photo at the end of WWII is captured along with a front page of the Youngstown Vindicator.

I bet nearly everyone in Youngstown, Ohio, saved this front page!

According to Wikipedia, The Vindicator, as it’s now know has a daily circulation of 62,100 and 87,000 on Sunday.

And hey, look at this. The actual front page!