I don’t think so, Meryl/Katharine!


Planning to go see “The Post.” If you’re not familiar with it, here’s a good synopsis.

Movie makers get a lot of things right and other are just dead wrong. Anyone who has been around a newspaper print press knows that they are not only very noisy, but also greasy.

This scene (screen capped from the movie’s trailer) most likely would never had happened. I doubt that Washing Post Publisher Katharine Graham would have climbed up to the top of the press to watch it. If she had, I can guarantee you that would be the end of that dress.


On a modern press this may be believable, but in 1971, presses looked more along the lines of this undated photo from The Boston Globe:


This is usually how publishers check the press run, or the rare occasion they go down to the pressroom:

Press Run.jpg

Alan Baker and Dewayne-Larsen check a press run at The Ellsworth American, the second oldest weekly newspaper in Maine.

The fact that I could not find any photos of a big city newspaper publisher in the pressroom shows you how ofter they get down there.

BTW, Graham busted the pressman’s union just 4 years later. Read more about it from a non-WP source.