What will they do in the future?


I saw this blurb in a magazine noting the anniversary of the event and the new movie about it. Of course, there’s the obligatory front page image.

What will designers do in the future when they don’t have front pages to draw from? Will they pull from the archive of web page PDFS (that was a joke), or come up with something that is now unimaginable?

One of these days, all of these look back to past front pages are all going to be from the same source (The New York Times, Washington Post, maybe USA Today) for national news, but what happens when there is no historical print record of local events.

I’m glad I won’t be around for that future.


Clark’s look across the Daily Planet


Don’t know what the official title of this creation is, but I’ve always thought of it as Clark Kent’s view across the office.

Head on over to Nick Veasey’s site for more images.

Nick Veasey is a British photographer working primarily with images created from X-ray imaging. Some of his works are partial photomanipulations with Photoshop. He therefore works with digital artists to realise his creations. — Wikipedia

Newspaper photog shot by deputy sheriff

New Carlisle News Photojournalist Andy Grimm goes out take some night time shots of lightening, sets up tripod, Deputy Sheriff sees said tripod, Shoots said photojournalist.

Grimm said there was no warning, as in “Drop the strange looking thing that I think looks like a real skinny gun or some other gun-type devise or I will shoot you.”

He had his camera and tripod in his hands and Deputy Jake Shaw apparently mistook it for a weapon and fired, striking Andy in the side.

He was rushed to Miami Valley Hospital for surgery. He is expected to recover from his wounds.

We have yet to hear the Deputy’s side of the story.

All I can say is it’s a good thing the Deputy is not a better shot.

File this one under #GoodGrief! or #DudeIsLuckyToBeAlive or #GoodThingTheDeputyIsNotABetterShot

Props to Mr. Mercedes


Kudos to the props team behind the Mr. Mercedes TV series for this flash of the very fictional Bridgton Post.

Love the tabloid headline! Whoever wrote this may have a career on a copy desk somewhere out in the real world.

Funny that the Post has s LATE CITY FINAL. Not too many papers have a multiple editions these days. I guess that in TV land, anything’s possible for a small-town newspaper.

Mr. Mercedes is an excellent book written by Stephen King. I’m glad to see the TV series is following in its footsteps.

Patron Saint of Newspapers?

Google Patron Saint of Newspapers and the results include Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, St. Francis de Sales, Paul the Apostle (all good Catholic saints) and even Warren Buffett  shows up!

But here’s one guy that doesn’t show up:


You can’t think of Superman without thinking of Clark Kent and you can’t think of Clark Kent without thinking about The Daily Planet.

For my money, there ought to be a small statue of Supes on top of every Jurno’s monitor.

Superman depicts strength, bravery, courage, inner-peace, justice and helpfulness. He’s someone that you can rely or depend upon. To wit:z47zcstjvq8cqbphrl66.png