Kudos to the King


My accurately, kudos to The News in Brunswick, Ga. You can never pass over the opportunity to run Elvis on your front page.

And nice treatment on the head.


Hackneyed, uninspired, unoriginal


Good grief! Just let it go. TV catch phrases are not good journalism, or even bad journalism. It’s doing your readers a great disservice because you’re lowering the importance of this down to, well, a TV catch phrase.

The editors at the Lodi (Calif.) News-Sentinel should be ashamed. All I can hope for is that there is a alt-copy editor who tried to talk the bosses out of this.

At least most other papers did not fall for this.

Newspaper Flags #2


To paraphrase former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Tip O’Neill, “All News is Local,” but this flag represents one of my pet peeves: Where is this newspaper?

You’ll never find out by looking, unless Twitter is a place. For my money, the newspaper flag should include a geographic location. I think it’s even more important for the newspaper’s web site to include that information, but that’s another rant.

For the record, the Daily Local News is in West Chester, Pa. USA.

It’s bad Fake News

This fake newspaper front page from the latest episode of Grimm, airing on NBC in the US:


As you can see, this big hed in the Portal (Ore.) Tribune (not the real Portal Tribune) reports on the poor mayor-elect who was forced to step down.

NICE TOUCH: On the “Twice Chosen the Nation’s best nondaily paper,” and keeping up with the real newspaper’s flag, although the “Tribune” part looks like someone filled in the print with red marker.

WHAT THE WHAT?: Volume 604? If you have a new volume ever year, that means our fictional paper has been around since 1413. I think not. Also, we get three good graphs about the go0d bad Capitain Sean Renard and someone in production got lazy and started the cut and paste with the lede. Too bad.

Alternative facts is wrong


A Fifth of U.S. Newspapers Kept the Women’s Marches Off the Front Page

… almost 450 newspapers archived by the Newseum found that more than 22% didn’t even even mention the protests on their Sunday front pages. Another 27% mentioned the protests, but did not make them their lead story.

Well, not quite accurate… My good friends over at the Newseum only tracked 450 newspapers for that day, BUT there more than 1,200 newspapers in the US. (Anyone know what the count is as of the end of 2016?)

The folks at Quartz are wrong!

1-5? I don’t think so. It would have been more accurate to say many or most or even “a lot” of newspapers, rather than saying a fifth. If the survey was more accurate the number would probably be a lot lower.

But, sad to see that “a lot” of US Newspapers did not deem the march worthy of front page coverage.




It’s real fake news


Screen cap from WGNAmerica’s Outsiders.

I can’t help but hit the pause on the remote when a newspaper pops up in a TV show or movie I’m watching. I saw this one earlier this week during the season’s first episode of the backwood, hill folk, off-grid hillbillies known as the “Outsiders” on WGNAmerica.

I see the fictional Lexington Gazette is pretty big on running long stories on page one. Up style heds? Not a fan.

I’m amused that they tease a story on A3 as LOCAL NEWS. If I was running the show, you can bet that a sewage problem would have been on the front page!

FOR THE RECORD: The newspaper in Lexington, Ky., is a weekly, The News-Gazette.

Also, I’m sure that the good folk in the real Lexington are a lot nicer than their TV counterparts, but I wonder if they could set me up with some o’ that Ferrell Shine?