Stop the Internets! Website goes into print!

Media_httpwwwhu17netb_cdmnj a hyperlocal website covering Beverley, Yorkshire in the UK is cranking out a weekly print version.

It’s only 100 copies for now, but who know — maybe this whole print thing will take off and have a future.


Apple wants a cut of the newspaper pie

Apple apparently wants to go with a subscription plan for newspapers on its iPad/iPhone iEtc. — a plan where they get a cut of the subscription price, rather than going with a fee-based service.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Apple “probably will take a 30 percent” cut and “as much as 40 percent of the advertising revenue from publications’ apps.”

That, my good readers, is not bring much joy to the newsrooms, which would rather pay a fee and be on their way.

This is not much of a surprise from Apple. The question is, is this going to be the other hardware manufactures and carriers go with?

Time, and Apple’s success or failure, will tell.

It’s called a newspaper — circa 1996


In the midst of cleaning out some files this morning, I ran across this 1997 editorial cartoon from Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Jim Borgman of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Pretty funny stuff, but if an updated version was to run today, the kid would probably be something along the lines of, “The refresh rate is too long, Nothing works when you touch it, there’s no animation and where’s the sound? — What IS this?”

It was around this same time Borgman started the popular Zits comic strip debut and he still draws for the Enquirer.


Cincinnati Enquirer:


Serious props here! Gotta love the CGI crew in Taiwan

You’ve seen the Tiger Woods/Elin Nordegren car crash, now take a look at what the folks at in Taiwan are “reporting” on — the newspaper war in New York City.

After more than a century of peaceful co-existence, the Wall Street Journal has decided to take on the New York Times head on with its Greater New York section. New owner Rupert Murdoch declared “let the battle begin.” Is this going to be a newspaper war for the ages? Or have the readers already moved on….online?

I love the last scene with the iPad, “cut this paste that” S-LAM on the web products.

In case you’re not familiar with the Wired did a profile here.

See more of their animations, here.