Here comes the Sun(s) – Part 3


And the winning sun can be found in Rhode Island! Subtle, but love the typographical elements. Too bad they haven’t carried this over to their web site.


Newspaper Flags #3


Of all the newspaper flags across the world, this is the only one that I’ve seen that features a person.

I know that newspaper design routinely will do a cut-out of someone that pops on top of their flags, but the Dawn, published in Karachi, Pakistan, features the founder of modern day Pakistan every day. That’s pretty cool!

For those who aren’t familiar hit Wikipedia for more info about Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876 – 1948).

Newspaper Flags #2


To paraphrase former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Tip O’Neill, “All News is Local,” but this flag represents one of my pet peeves: Where is this newspaper?

You’ll never find out by looking, unless Twitter is a place. For my money, the newspaper flag should include a geographic location. I think it’s even more important for the newspaper’s web site to include that information, but that’s another rant.

For the record, the Daily Local News is in West Chester, Pa. USA.

Newspaper Flags #1

Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte

This is a great intro to my look at Newspaper Flags. I'll be sharing some good and great designs to some really strange things. The one thing is, all carry more weight than their counter parts in the digital world.

My good friends down at the Belo Horizonte (a Metro property) in Brazil. Are leaving nothing, absolutely nothing on the table with this Superhero and Evil Trump across the newspaper’s flag.

The flag is … meh. Pretty much the standard design for the Metro papers. However the execution is … epic!