America Traitor/ Putin’s Poodle

TRAITOR tRUMP.jpg Pretty stern stuff, even for the Daily News



Newspaper in miniature

Diorama Dreams.jpg

Found this miniature diorama in Facebook (Diorama Dreams).

An iconic photo at the end of WWII is captured along with a front page of the Youngstown Vindicator.

I bet nearly everyone in Youngstown, Ohio, saved this front page!

According to Wikipedia, The Vindicator, as it’s now know has a daily circulation of 62,100 and 87,000 on Sunday.

And hey, look at this. The actual front page!



The impact of NewsPAPERS

One of the biggest stories in the USA for the last few weeks has been the mysterious bombing in Austin, Texas. Again, here’s an example of how the Internet may have the immediacy of speed, it has nothing on visual impact.


Exhibit A —  The Statesman’s web page. Ho-hum… almost just another story, except for the ALL CAPS red header.


Exhibit B —  The Statesman’s front page. BAM! People are going to buy this. Some will keep them for years and decades to remember that they survived.


Let’s see online do this!

At the end of the SEC Championship Game I saw The Atlanta Journal-Constitution pop up in some of the crowd shots.

Obviously the AJC printed this UGA version ahead of time so it would be ready to go at the end of the game. Still, pretty powerful impact of the local newspaper.

I thinking it will be years, if ever, before someone holds up a tablet following a game with a similar web page.