Props to Mad Men for getting “Subway Fold” right

This season’s Mad Men kickoff episode included a scene on a train wherein Pete Campbell, a Partner at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce ad agency shows us how to do the “Subway Fold.”

See my previous post ( on how a real person does it — in Atlanta.

Props for that … something that a true New Yorker would do. Especially back in the day.


Shlops for screwing up the SCDP gag ad, which you can faintly make up in the scene, since the ad did not run until the next day.  Oh well, even fake newspapers have trouble with ad scheduling once in a while 


File this under Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Nieman Reports’ Spring 2012 edition takes a look back and ahead with six newspaper editors thinking about what they could have done and what they should be doing.

Nothing earth shaking. No real break throughs. For my money these guys and gals are still two steps behind the ball.

Art or fashion? Italian uses newspaper for both


Italian artist Ivano Vitali uses actual newspaper pages to create some interesting fashions and other objet d’art.

The newspaper pages are turned by hand in wires of various sizes without the use of water, glues, dyes. and fixatives.

The pages of the newspapers are in lots of ripped strips of Various Measures Transformed into a thread and then, without using water, glue or coloring

Hit the link to see more of his work. Some of which, you would not want to get caught wearing out in the rain! a newspaper bikini? Really?

Conductive inks the savior de jouir of newspapers?


Can you image the day when your daily rag is still printed, but is really an electronic device? It may not be that far off in the future.

I suspect plugging your mobile appliance into the daily would either refresh the content or download more content so you can read/watch/listen on the go. Pretty cool stuff.

No word on how well conductive inks fare when the carrier lands my daily in the puddle of water at the end of my driveway like he’s aiming for it and getting bonus points for hitting it dead on. Every time!

Newspaper takes a licking and keeps on …


The 112-year-old Licking Valley Courier got nailed by a tornado on March 2, and by the next Thursday, staffers produced the Courier thanks to assistance from the Mount Sterling Advocate’s printing presses.

Way to go guys! Seems like newspaper folk are always some of the most hardy of them around. Glad to hear that no one was hurt.

Read more here:….

The biggest loser is … groan …newspapers

Take a gander at this info graphic from Linkedin measuring growth and loss in the last five years.

The newspaper industry is tail-end Charlie (shrinking the most), while the “Internet” is the leader of the pack with most growth.

It’s enough to make you want to bang your head on the filing cabinet of your laid-off co-worker. Somehow, somehow newspapers have to crack the monitizing puzzle.

Common people.Let’s get it done.

Boulder community newspaper marks 200th issue — Did I mention an 11-year-old is the publisher, editor, reporter, illustrator, ads salesman, circulation manager and distributor?


This young’n started his newspaper when he was just 6- you read that right — JUST SIX!

And it’s Eli Boardman’s second newspaper — his first failed, but I’m not going to fault him on that because MOST THREE YEAR-OLDS have different priorities.

His 65-copy print circulation is hand-delivered each Saturday and covers a south Boulder, Colo., neighborhood. He also mails them out. I think I’m going to subscribe!

Props to the Boulder Daily Camera for not playing copyright Grinch and trying to squash the Boardman Camera.