What else are you gonna put in a time capsule?


Missed this story from way back in January of this year; a time capsule opened in Maplewood, New Jersey contains — what else but a newspaper.

This time capsule is the Friday, July 8, 1898 edition of the Newark Evening News.

Read the story here and more about the Evening News


Retweets today, bank heists tomorrow?


Ever notice that the amount of money taken in bank holds are never reported? Usually, if anything, the line in the story is something like, “… the armed robbers made off with an undisclosed amount of cash …”

I was taught in J-school is that’s because the bank and FBI do not want to disclose the exact amount so as not to encourage other would-be hold-ups, tempting them with how much money is available.

You would think that in the modern age, we would apply this rule to social media. Don’t report how many retweets, shared, etc., so as not to inspire an 12-year-olds.

Quick, call the cops! There’s a newspaper in my yard!!!

Post-Star Publisher Robert Forcey was served Monday with seven counts of “throwing refuse on highways and adjacent lands” in connection with delivery of the weekly paper This Week to residents in Queensbury who complained about it.

I haven’t gone so far as to call the local PD to complain, but I have called the offices of several fee weekly newspapers to tell them to stop delivering to my driveway.

Responses have ranged from, “Sure. No Problem,” to “We can’t do that.” Thankfully the latter has since gone out of business.

Some local free newspapers I want to read, others, well, let’s just say that I’m just the middle man between the carrier and the recycle bin.

It doesn’t help that the people who throw these, at least on my street, don’t seem to be aiming anywhere in particular, with newspapers even ending in the middle of the road.

True confession time. For one brief summer in my early teens, I threw the free Fountain Valley (Colo.) Times. Back then I think it may have been the Fountain Valley Advertiser. And, I seem to always hit the koi pond bullseye at one particular house every single week.

Got caught and yelled at once. I’m glad the homeowner never called the cops on me!

Clark’s look across the Daily Planet


Don’t know what the official title of this creation is, but I’ve always thought of it as Clark Kent’s view across the office.

Head on over to Nick Veasey’s site for more images.

Nick Veasey is a British photographer working primarily with images created from X-ray imaging. Some of his works are partial photomanipulations with Photoshop. He therefore works with digital artists to realise his creations. — Wikipedia