P1 reprint vs. web reprint?


This P1 reprint of Amelia Earhart’s “hop” leads me to ponder if future generations are going to miss out on a sense of history by not having major news on front pages of printed newspapers.

Not that we’ve all got stacks of moldy newspapers in the attic (although I confess that I do), but somehow a PDF of a web headline with “click to read more” does not convey any sense of urgency or history to me.

Does anyone have any examples of website reprints (not from the print editions) on major news stories? Anyone?


Copy editers? Who needs ’em?

“On the Media”


Is that the thinking of publishers? Former Baltimore Sun copy desk chief John McIntyre (left) tells Mike Pesca he suspects that “one of the things on the minds of publishers of online enterprises is a sense that readers on the Internet don’t expect things to be accurate or very well done and, therefore, they are used to tolerating a much higher level of shoddy work, a much greater volume of errors and, therefore, you can sacrifice the quality on the web and it doesn’t mean that much.” || More “OTM” audio and transcripts.

RIght, this is going to work out in the long run…

Big Iron: A look behind the daily miracle



A Flickr photo/video set of the New York Times College Point printing facility. If you’ve never seen a newspaper printing press operate, it’s amazing to see that much machinery all working at once — in a Rube Goldberg kind of way — then spit out something so familiar at the end.

You’re not able to hear the audio of the guy explaining what some of the hardware is doing or what it’s for, so if you don’t know drop a comment and I’ll answer.