Props to Mr. Mercedes


Kudos to the props team behind the Mr. Mercedes TV series for this flash of the very fictional Bridgton Post.

Love the tabloid headline! Whoever wrote this may have a career on a copy desk somewhere out in the real world.

Funny that the Post has s LATE CITY FINAL. Not too many papers have a multiple editions these days. I guess that in TV land, anything’s possible for a small-town newspaper.

Mr. Mercedes is an excellent book written by Stephen King. I’m glad to see the TV series is following in its footsteps.


Patron Saint of Newspapers?

Google Patron Saint of Newspapers and the results include Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, St. Francis de Sales, Paul the Apostle (all good Catholic saints) and even Warren Buffett  shows up!

But here’s one guy that doesn’t show up:


You can’t think of Superman without thinking of Clark Kent and you can’t think of Clark Kent without thinking about The Daily Planet.

For my money, there ought to be a small statue of Supes on top of every Jurno’s monitor.

Superman depicts strength, bravery, courage, inner-peace, justice and helpfulness. He’s someone that you can rely or depend upon. To wit:z47zcstjvq8cqbphrl66.png

New life for an old newspaper building

Back in the day, the building housed The Atlanta Constitution. Today, there are trees growing on the roof and terraces. Tomorrow, it may be home to apartments, commercial space and restaurants.
 Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Developers have finally going to revive the old newspaper building that has been empty since the early Seventies. Located directly across the street from the MARTA Five Points station, it has the potential for greatness for downtown Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution first moved across the tracks to their “new” building and has since left that building, in 2010,  for new (leased) digs in Dunwoody, Ga.

Plans call for the building to house 67,000 square feet of loft office space, 2,500 square feet of ground floor retail, and a rooftop restaurant. An adjoining residential building will be constructed, with 112 residential units and 142 parking spaces.

Atlanta Curbed has the scoop on this story.


Front Page kudos!


Kudos to The Register Guard for blowing out the Front Page with a stellar eclipse photo.

They also put out a mighty fine special commemorative section full of photos, a real keepsake that I’m sure sold a lot of copies. Also, I can guarantee that these will end up in people’s attics to be dredged up decades from now by yet-to-be born generations who will be amazed at the coverage.

Let’s see you do that Internets!

Great job!