Make a mistake, copy, repeat

whattheWhen you’re cranking out cookie-cutter newspapers, it pays to at least make sure that the hed is correct. Read all about it.


Tired hed. Just let it die.


Good grief. Just retire this hed. It was OK on election night, but it seriously needs to be put back on the shelf. Please. I hope that the Bakersfield editors won’t subject their readers with more 4 years of heads saying “You’re Hired,” or “You’re Fired” every time someone comes and goes in the Trump administration.

Newspapers are iconic


I saw this site linked from Imgur. It’s a web site that is not associated with any newspaper, so it’s a 100% digital only news site.

So what’s up with the giraffe? I have no idea, but notice that they use a newspaper in their logo, which leads me to ponder the fact that newspapers are iconic. Newspapers are “news” and there really is no digital equivalent.

Additionally, The Daily Upvote also uses newspaper images elsewhere:


Visit them here: