It’s a rolled up newspaper!


I find these hilarious!

See more of The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn over at his website or at


That’s some newspaper reader!


The good people over at The Dogington Post have a great header for their news round up page!

You should check it out.


Little dog, big newspaper

I don’t know which newspaper this pup is bringing in, but I think it’s the something Sentinel.

Now, as far as which News Sentinel, we have several options:

OR, it could be The Press-Sentinel, in Jesup, Georgia.

Anyone want to make a guess?

I’m going with the Georgia newspaper based on the Rick Case wrap.

Not really a paperboy

Here at Wanna Buy a Paper, Mister we occasionally honor paperboys — those youths, mainly in the past now, whose arms most all NewsPAPERS depended on to get the morning or afternoon editions on readers doorsteps, driveways and rose bushes.

However, the Paper Boi song is something completely different.

If you’re a fan of Danny Glovers “Atlanta,” you’ve heard Paper Boi, a rap song that the character Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles sings. Well, it’s not about Newspapers. It’s about money and drugs. Still, though, a catchy rap:

And the lyrics:

A-Town, what up?
Ay, ay, ay, yeah
Paper Boi, Paper Boi
All about that paper, boy
Got a team to serve a fiend
All from Cali to Decatur, boy
Stack it
That paper, boy, paper, boy
All about that paper, boy
I keep a ting
Uh, yeah!

Paper Boi, Paper Boi
Always ’bout that paper, boy
If you ain’t on your grind
And you flexin’, you’s a hater, boy
Paper Boi, Paper Boi
Always gettin’ paper, boy
If you ain’t makin’ money
Then you ain’t a money maker, boy
Paperclip, paperclip
Yeah I need a paperclip
I’m stackin’ up this paper, man
And I could make that paper flip
That paper flip, paper flip
Watch me make this paper flip
Then head to Magic City
And I bet that paper make her strip
Paper man, paper man
Catch me in the paper, man
Like Wall Street Journal, yeah
‘Cause I be gettin’ paper, man
Paper man, paper man
Yeah I’m gettin’ paper, man…

If you’re not watching “Atlanta,” start now!