Even dogs read it


Just love the header image that The Doginton Post uses for their weekly review of news. If you’re interested in news about dogs head on over.

The Daily Dog. Bark bark bark bark!


Why didn’t I think of this?

I was walking out my local international food market when I noticed the rack of free publications near the door. They are usually full of hispanic “shopper” magazines and newspapers, but this rack contained only Russian-language publications.


RussianTown magazine is the only free Russian-language publication printed and distributed in Atlanta, Florida and the whole southeastern United States.
RussianTown covers news, politics, culture, sports, health, technology, and history from around the U.S., Russia, and the world. 

So thumbing through I noticed this full-page story about maybe a Russian painter? Or perhaps peasant life? I do not have a clue, but what caught my eye are the arrows to the art and lack of cutlines.


I’m thinking all those years where I had to make room for cutlines, or started one with “Clockwise from top …” where I could have just draw some arrows!



ComicCon newspaper!


Well-know publisher and cigar-smoking boss J. Jonah Jameson  of the Daily Bugle makes an appearance with the Daily Bugle at this year’s ComicCon.

I’m betting this is the ONLY newspaper themed cosplay. Yes, I know it’s a Spiderman theme, but I’m sticking with Newspapers here.

For the record, I’ve never had a cigar-smoking boss/editor/publisher, but plenty of cigarette smokers. Cough … cough….

Apologies for the uncredited image — found on Imgur.



The newspaper business is not your safe place

Some advice for recently graduated college types who are looking for work.

Curiously, this retired newspaperman thinks that “Aspie-types” as in Asperger’s Syndrome, used to prevail in the newspaper business and should avoid it now.

I’m not sure about that, but anyway this is still a fun read. Head on over to the Good Men Project.