We are still in some deep trouble here


The Newsosaur weighs in to remind us that tough times for newspapers are not over, having missed out on the advertising rebound for Q1 2010.

The good thing is that Internet ads are up and most if not all newspapers have a website or two or three.

If you’ve got the time, read through the comments — and they’re not generally favorable, ranging from the “you’re getting what you deserve,” to the “sad but true.”


Not dead yet, but ‘more radical surgery needed’


Good article from The Economist. Some major points:

• Newspapers have not only survived but often returned to profit.
• Desperate measures have proved the right ones
• Newspapers do little that is distinctive enough for people to pay for it.
• People will pay for news if they think it has value

Everyone on TV reads the same paper – over and over and …


This Picasa user has a very keen eye and a great memory. Seems like there is a dummy newspaper floating around Hollywood standing in as the local rag for a variety of shows for many, many years.

Look at this album and you’ll see the same paper in TV shows from Malcolm in the Middle and Desperate Housewives to Scrubs and Angel.

You’d think that with all of the desktop software out there that producers could whip up their own copyright free broadsheet. I know that the art director of the Cooking with Rachel Ray show create custom labels for everything in the TV studio kitchen. Hey, if Rachel can do it for FoodTV, why not Hollywood.

I’d bet there are a lot of unemployed page designers that could fill the bill perfectly and chunk out these in a minute. Hello Hollywood! You listening?

Kudos to Ed O’Neil for reading the paper in 1997 in Married With Children and the SAME EXACT PAPER in 2010 in Modern Family.

A stylebook to rule them all

via ap.org

The Associated Press released its 2010 edition of the Stylebook this week.

Among the changes Web site becomes website, but the Web remains capitalized as a proper noun.

Back in the day it was always a funny day when the new Stylebook came out. I would spend a hour a so updating my brand new book with all of the notations in the old book. Included in the transfer were items jotted in the margins, sticky notes and clippings of all sorts of things that a copy editor is expected to know.

Now, of course, it’s also online and the spiral bound “Bible” is probably a distant second or third choice for many journalists.

BTW — I remember the days before the Stylebook was spiral bound and when they were brown!

BP trys to contain oil and media


Interesting piece in yesterday’s Washington Post about how reporters are facing resistance from BP in covering the Gulf Oil Disaster– prohibiting photogs from shooting and not granting overflights of the area.

Of course BP officials deny this, but …. I think they don’t want the public to see pictures like the one above. In case you can’t manage to make out the image, it’s a bird covered in oil.

More heart-breaking photos at Boston.com’s Big Picture.

Reading in the multiverse


Photo on the San Francisco Muni — iPad user, Kindle reader and newspaper crossword puzzle solver.

Which one represents the past, current and future?

I think they’re all occupying the same space in time (past present and near future — (ask Mr. Hawking) and the empty seat symbolizes the future.

I wish I had taken this shot!