Fake Movie Newspaper: Gremlins fan edition

GREMLINS: RECALL is a fan film.

Kudos for mocking up a fake movie newspaper the (I can’t make out where) Telegram.


However, in the scene before this, if you look closely, the inside is the real newspaper Los Angeles Times.


Indy filmmakers have to watch those pennies. I guess printing a fake newspaper in its entirety is way to expensive.

Watch the entire fan film on Vimeo


Stranger Things 2 births a newspaper

Hawkins Post

Fictional The Hawkins Post from fictional Hawkins, Ind., makes its debut in episode 2 of Stranger Things 2. Since 1947!

Kudos for having a real story about Baby Fae’s baboon heart.

The fake copy editor needs to work on their fake headline writing skills: “Hawkins’ Halloween Celebrate” Really?! It doesn’t even fit.

Notice that all the heds have possessives? By design or not? I wonder.

If you don’t subscribe to Netflix, or can borrow someone’s account, watch Stranger Things 2 for free.

ComicCon newspaper!


Well-know publisher and cigar-smoking boss J. Jonah Jameson  of the Daily Bugle makes an appearance with the Daily Bugle at this year’s ComicCon.

I’m betting this is the ONLY newspaper themed cosplay. Yes, I know it’s a Spiderman theme, but I’m sticking with Newspapers here.

For the record, I’ve never had a cigar-smoking boss/editor/publisher, but plenty of cigarette smokers. Cough … cough….

Apologies for the uncredited image — found on Imgur.



Put a frame around it!

NY Bulletin

Image: Netflix via io9

Here’s another Hollywood newspaper, the New York Bulletin. Apparently, this is a thing in the Marvel Comics sphere since 1984.

I love this, because if you go to the Marvel wiki, there’s even a “correction” on the drop hed:

  • The cover for the “Battle of NY” incorrectly states that hundreds were killed when the actual death toll, according to statistics compiled by the United Nations, was seventy-four.

Aside from that, I think that it’s great that even in the fictional world folks are framing important front pages of newspapers. I suspect that in the real world, there are not too many people printing out webpages and framing them.

Lights, Camera, Newspaper!


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s pressroom and various other parts of it’s production building will be double duty for The New York Times Pressroom and the Department of Justice for an upcoming movie, “Manhunt: The Unabomber.”

The real AJC reports that this is a Discovery channel production, so if you have that tier on the small screen, keep your eyes peeled.

In the same, “PeachBuzz” article, they report a fake AJC appears in “Baby Driver,” courtesy of the real AJC’s marketing department.

The grand daddy of ’em all


I noticed this in that horrid movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Of course, it’s the Daily Planet, longtime home of Clark Kent and Supes.

This is probably the worst version of TDP that I’ve ever seen. You would have thought that will all the money they spent on this movie, they would have throw a couple of more bucks at a real newspaper designer to spiff up the front page.

First of it’s Superman and he’s dead. DEAD! If this isn’t the time for a Jesus headline, then when? It should have been two f-ing decks, like this:


And second, THERE”S NOT PHOTO OF SUPES!! What’s up with that? You always, always, always run a photo of the person who’s dead.

Lastly, where’s the color? Seriously? The world’s greatest and most iconic superhero is DEAD and you scrimp on Page One color?

How in the hell do they think they were gonna sell any extra newspapers?