Props to Moffat and The Doctor


I caught this gag on Saturday night ep of Doctor Who’s “Let’s Kill Hiter”.

If you missed the show because of Irene, you can rent buy it from iTunes



BTW — the Leadworth Chronicle is a made-up paper for show.


OK, suckkas! Pay up.

Can I say it? OK. I TOLD YOU SO!

The good Pennsylvania folk in Carbon, Schuylkill, Lehigh, Monoroe and Northhampton Counties were treated with this hed in this morning’s Times-News:


Looks like Irene sucked the comma right off the page!

Kudos to other copy eds who resisted the urge and instead penned, “Goodbye, Irene.” And yes, desk crew at the York (Pennsylvania) Daily Record — I’m talking about you!

“Goodnight, Irene ” Dollars to doughnuts, you’ll see this headline in the next week

Goodnight, Irene,” or “Irene, Goodnight,” sung here by the great Lead Belly is a great moody folk song about love and the loss of love. It has absolutely nothing to do with the hurricane named Irene.

But somewhere there will be a hed: “Goodnight, Irene!” with a subhed describing how the town/county/state missed the full fury of the storm; or one expressing gratitude that the storm has now left the area.

I can guarantee you that copy editors will not be able to resist the magical pull of the pun — even it’s a stretch to link the song to the storm.

In the meanwhile, enjoy Lead Belly, or Google for other great and not-so-great performances of “Goodnight, Irene.”

24 wild and crazy newspaper headlines from sci-fi movies and TV | Blastr


My good friends over at Blastr have rounded up “24 wild and crazy newspaper headlines from sci-fi movies and TV”

They’re all funny, but my fav is “THE ROCKET SHIP MYSTERY” where after the subhead the text of the article seems like something completely different. Sure it probably saw 10 seconds of screen time, but I’m still calling this one l-a-z-y!

There are actually only 23 newspaper heads, because one of them is George Jetson “watching” his newspaper on his large-screen (floating) TV in his Skypad apartment.

This must have been pretty funny back in 1962. Who would ever have a TV that big? Who would ever want to read the news on their TV? Uh., wait a minute. I guess we’re already living large like Jetsons.

But if Hanna-Barbera can come up with this, where’s my flying car?