A sad state of affairs in the Mile High city


Head on over to 528.com to read about the state of The Denver Post and how cuts and layoffs are hurting the newspaper. Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon story.

How Massive Cuts Have Remade The Denver Post



Not endorsing DT here, just pointing out that it’s more impactful to hold up a newspaper and read from it than to hold up a tablet or a smartphone.


U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reads from the Wall Street Journal while speaking at a campaign rally in Jacksonville, Fla. Oct. 24, 2015.Daron Dean/Reuters

See? No clue what the story is about. But waving the local rag is tons better than holding up your tablet of choice.
Former Justice Secretary and current Senator Leila De Lima shows reporters an article published on a local newspaper … Nov. 10, 2016 © Romeo Ranoco/Reuters

2016 US Presidential coverage Part VII

How the overseas/foreign press covered it..

BTW, all newspapers shown here hold their own copyrights to these images, first seen on the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages section.

Hi-res PDFs were/are? available at the Newseum site, But I’ve reduced the size here in the interest of respecting their copyright while commenting about them.

As the Newseum says, “Anyone seeking permission to use or reproduce the front page of a newspaper featured in our Today’s Front Pages online gallery must contact the newspaper’s publisher directly. U.S. copyright laws apply.”