Educating the next generation of journalists

These folks are going to give you knowledge to learn technical skills for journalism. Help them out by funding their Kickstarter Project.


Compact “broadsheet”? What the hell! Let’s just call it a mini-paper!


Columbus Dispatch to roll out the innovative “three-around” technology on Jan. 28. Poynter’s use of “innovative, not mine.

The new pages are about a third smaller than a typical broadsheet. They’re 14.75 inches long by 11 inches wide; folded in two, one page is roughly the shape and size of an iPad screen.

It’ll be interesting to see what the redesign is. I hope it’s not some just-cram-it-into-a-smaller-page kind of thing.

Digital guy on his first month in the newspaper trenches


Abe Epton, news apps developer, at the Chicago Tribune and newspaper newbie comments on how working in a newsroom differs from working in Google’s digital world.

Here’s a snip: “It doesn’t have free food (unless you steal from the fridges…” Ha! So true!

And another: “To begin with, the newsroom is one of the most connected places I’ve ever seen. Information flows through it constantly, via phones and police scanners and loud clackety-noise-making machines of indeterminate purpose (not the nearby typewriter), as well as the ubiquitous Tweetdeck and Chartbeat screens. We have our morning meetings on a television stage elevated in the middle of the room.”

I’m curious what that “clackety-noise-making machine” is. Maybe the copy machine, a printer or just the old coffee machine?

Vacationing newspaper subs turn into iPads


My good friends over at paidContent report The Boston Globe is “modernizing” vacation newspaper donation program and using some of the savings ($65k) to, in turn, donate iPads to newsrooms.

Just plain Innovative? Or an innovate way to slit your own throat? I guess it depends on if those kids are using those iPads to read the Globes web site or not.

Another newspaper bails on its old building


The Detroit News is bugging out from its historic downtown home, looking for “space more suitable to the digital age.” Don’t know what the inside looks like (ratty I’m sure), but the outside looks like a grand old building. Too bad they don’t have the cash to stay put and rehab the innards.