What a shame.


We’ve previously spoken about the new ways we will be able to better serve readers, communities and customers

By laying off more than a dozen journalists. Yup, that will attract the readers!

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Looking back at the Gering Courier

My first newspaper job out of college was a reporter/photographer for the Gering Courier, a weekly in Gering Neb., which is just south of the big western Nebraska city of Scottsbluff.

I was there for two and a half years and, sorry to say, pretty much hated it the entire time. Well, not really the entire time. I did meet some really great people, but I think that I was just plain homesick for my home state of Colorado. Trading mountains for cornfields did not go over big with me.

Here’s a snip about the building from the National Park Service site:

Pioneer newspaperman Asa Butler Wood constructed the two-story Gering Courier Building in Gering in 1915. … The Gering Courier was the first newspaper published in Gering. The history of the Courier Building is interwoven with the lives of the first owner, editor, and printer, A. B. Wood, and his son Warren C. Wood. …

For a bit more, hit up the NPS’s Gering Courier page

When I was there, I worked for the Jack D. Lewis, the son-in-law of Warren Wood. Wood was a bonafide hero in WWII, and Jack kept the Lt. Colonel’s service .45 in his desk drawer.


Lights, Camera, Newspaper!


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s pressroom and various other parts of it’s production building will be double duty for The New York Times Pressroom and the Department of Justice for an upcoming movie, “Manhunt: The Unabomber.”

The real AJC reports that this is a Discovery channel production, so if you have that tier on the small screen, keep your eyes peeled.

In the same, “PeachBuzz” article, they report a fake AJC appears in “Baby Driver,” courtesy of the real AJC’s marketing department.

Vive le kiosque!


Head on over to Messy Messy to see some nifty old photos and read

Why the Newspaper Kiosks in Paris are so Important

Paris’ 150 year-old newspaper kiosk could be considered one of the most “charming” little features of its urban landscape. A nostalgic reminder of simpler and more romantic times, largely unchanged over the years since they first appeared in 1857 during Baron Haussmann’s renovation of Paris. Just like London’s iconic red telephone booth, the Parisian kiosk is regarded as a nice way to preserve some of the city’s history, but no longer quite as “relevant” to modern society.

I absolutely love newspaper kiosks. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many places outside of New York City that you’ll find a newspaper kiosk. I even don’t recall seeing any in downtown Chicago. And the Windy City is the second largest city in the USA.

I guess vendors realize that it’s cheaper to put up a big ugly rack of papers than to pay some one to staff a real kiosk. That’s too bad.


One man’s trash …


Renovation of an old movie theater in Chicago has turned up lots of old trash, being discarded candy wrappers. I’m more interested in the old newspapers that were found.

Many of the discarded newspapers he (the urban archaeologist) found were from the months leading up the theater’s opening day on Sept. 5, 1926.

How cool is that?

Read more about it over at dnainfo



The grand daddy of ’em all


I noticed this in that horrid movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Of course, it’s the Daily Planet, longtime home of Clark Kent and Supes.

This is probably the worst version of TDP that I’ve ever seen. You would have thought that will all the money they spent on this movie, they would have throw a couple of more bucks at a real newspaper designer to spiff up the front page.

First of it’s Superman and he’s dead. DEAD! If this isn’t the time for a Jesus headline, then when? It should have been two f-ing decks, like this:


And second, THERE”S NOT PHOTO OF SUPES!! What’s up with that? You always, always, always run a photo of the person who’s dead.

Lastly, where’s the color? Seriously? The world’s greatest and most iconic superhero is DEAD and you scrimp on Page One color?

How in the hell do they think they were gonna sell any extra newspapers?