The steal of yesteryear

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Looks like this library at the Allegany College of Maryland is unloading some of their unused items.

Got a microfilm reader stashed in your basement? You could pick up this treasure trove of an archive of The New York Times (1851-1969) for as low as $130 (maybe).

Go here to make a bid.

But then you’d have to remember how to find stuff on microfilm … you need an index, right?


Welcome to a new student newspaper

These kids in Grand Junction, Colo. have started their own PRINTED student newspaper. With one edition under their belt, they’re looking forward to the new school year.

The New Emerson Post published its inaugural issue this month, and it appears to be one of the only student newspapers produced at the elementary school level in the U.S.


Read about it here

News from NewsPAPERS: Who’d thunk it?

Cold turkey from digital!

I decided to travel back in time. I turned off my digital news notifications, unplugged from Twitter and other social networks, and subscribed to home delivery of three print newspapers


It has been life changing. Turning off the buzzing breaking-news machine I carry in my pocket was like unshackling myself from a monster who had me on speed dial, always ready to break into my day with half-baked bulletins.

I wish everyone could try this but imagine the cost. As he notes in the article, Print is expensive. I’m betting that Mr. Manjoo was able to expense the cost of the subscriptions.

I totally agree with him on this:

I began to see it wasn’t newspapers that were so great, but social media that was so bad.

… You don’t have to read a print newspaper to get a better relationship with the news. But, for goodness’ sake, please stop getting your news mainly from Twitter and Facebook. In the long run, you and everyone else will be better off.