Some things are still the same: Wave that newspaper around!


Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame threatened to sue The Guardian for planning to publish some documents that WikiLeaks received from a State Department Source.


What I love about this photo (from the Huffington Post) is the old school I’m-mad-as-hell-so-I’m-waving-the-newspaper-around-in-my-fist gesture.


How many times have we seen this before and how many times will we see it again? I guess as long as some newspaper somewhere is still printing, we’ll continue to see it in the future.


How long before we see the I’m-mad-as-hell-so-I’m-waving-the-iPad/tablet/new-thing-around-in-my-fist photo?


CRINGE: Haven’t we all done this at one time or another?


The New Orleans Times Picayune ran this dummy hed in one of their editions over the weekend.

I feel for the desk.

This has happened on my watch and I’m sure it’s happened to many others. But that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to swallow. These days your mistakes are open for all to mock.

Thanks, Interwebs!