Not something that you see every day… or any day. I hope people dropped off some old newspapers for all of the doggos.


More NewsPAPER death analysis


Not much new here, but this statement pretty much sums up the issue:

Traditionally, a U.S. newspaper relied upon three revenue streams, roughly one-third each: subscriptions, commercial advertising, and classifieds.

First, the Internet ate the classifieds (see Craigslist), then moved on to some of that display stuff.

It is this which is blamed for the decline of the industry and the associated calls that Google and or Facebook should cough up some money to revive it.

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The worst headline in America

03D7B891-3D5A-4A42-B4F4-1C5A6507FD52I had hoped not to see a headline along this vain, but looks like the copy desk at The Trentonian decided to throw out good taste and run with what has got to be the Worst Headline in America.

For non-history buffs, here’s what Wikipedia has:

The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre is the name given to the 1929 murder in Chicago of seven men of the North Side gang during the Prohibition Era. It happened on February 14, and resulted from the struggle between the Irish American gang and the South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone to take control of organized crime in the city.

So there you have it. School shooting with 17 murdered put on the same par as a gangland slaying.  Keep it classy guys and gals.

NewsPAPERS extinction timeline


According to the Future Exploration Network (a media industry think-tank), the extinction rate of NewsPAPERS is faster than a Pterosaurs looking up at a big-ass flaming meteor!

This graphic shows the number of years before “newspapers in their current form will become insignificant.” Looks like NewsPAPERS in the USA are insignificant as of last year.
Read more: http://www.futureofmediaevents.com/2010/11/01/newspaper-extinction-timeline-gives-predictions-on-death-of-newspapers-globally/#ixzz570W9rdRY