So you think you’re so smart?

If you’re up on your fictional newspapers, head over to this site to play the game!

Or click the Give Up link and it will auto-fill the answers.


It’s bad Fake News

This fake newspaper front page from the latest episode of Grimm, airing on NBC in the US:


As you can see, this big hed in the Portal (Ore.) Tribune (not the real Portal Tribune) reports on the poor mayor-elect who was forced to step down.

NICE TOUCH: On the “Twice Chosen the Nation’s best nondaily paper,” and keeping up with the real newspaper’s flag, although the “Tribune” part looks like someone filled in the print with red marker.

WHAT THE WHAT?: Volume 604? If you have a new volume ever year, that means our fictional paper has been around since 1413. I think not. Also, we get three good graphs about the go0d bad Capitain Sean Renard and someone in production got lazy and started the cut and paste with the lede. Too bad.