“Goodnight, Irene ” Dollars to doughnuts, you’ll see this headline in the next week

Goodnight, Irene,” or “Irene, Goodnight,” sung here by the great Lead Belly is a great moody folk song about love and the loss of love. It has absolutely nothing to do with the hurricane named Irene.

But somewhere there will be a hed: “Goodnight, Irene!” with a subhed describing how the town/county/state missed the full fury of the storm; or one expressing gratitude that the storm has now left the area.

I can guarantee you that copy editors will not be able to resist the magical pull of the pun — even it’s a stretch to link the song to the storm.

In the meanwhile, enjoy Lead Belly, or Google for other great and not-so-great performances of “Goodnight, Irene.”


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