Stranger Things 2 births a newspaper

Hawkins Post

Fictional The Hawkins Post from fictional Hawkins, Ind., makes its debut in episode 2 of Stranger Things 2. Since 1947!

Kudos for having a real story about Baby Fae’s baboon heart.

The fake copy editor needs to work on their fake headline writing skills: “Hawkins’ Halloween Celebrate” Really?! It doesn’t even fit.

Notice that all the heds have possessives? By design or not? I wonder.

If you don’t subscribe to Netflix, or can borrow someone’s account, watch Stranger Things 2 for free.


Fake newspaper, real house


I see this commercial on the TV all the time.

About Trulicity TV Commercial, “Restoration

Robert, a building renovator, talks about how he used Trulicity to reach his blood sugar and A1C goals while restoring a community center in time for its grand opening.

Unfortunately, The Rushmead Chronicle is a fake-for-tv newspaper. But as a fake 1898 newspaper, It’s pretty bad. Halftones in a local newspaper would have been unheard of and that ALL CAPS screaming heds? Oy!

Fortunately, despite it’s fictional name, the Arodoyne Plantation  is real and is in Schriever, Louisiana.

Note to my none USA readers: Yes, in the USA, unlike most of the rest of the world, Big Pharma (and Little Pharma) can advertise anything they want.

It’s good fake news


The folks over at the Charm City News crank out a pretty good looking (fake) newspaper! I especially love that this looks like someone with newspaper design experience had a hand in creating it.

My one beef with this newspaper: Not quite happy with the quality of the newsprint; it’s not your plain-vanilla recycled-quality newsprint. It’s way too bright, more like a higher-quality, coated laser printer stock that’s more like something out of a magazine. Looks good on camera, but still…maybe the Charm City News is rolling in money and can afford it.

Note to producers: In this scene, the main character is going to work in the morning, so this fellow, reading on the train, has either picked up yesterday’s newspaper (it’s the LATE CITY FINAL) or in Charm City, they can read the news before it happens.

If you’re interested in superheroes, check out NBC’s Powerless to see if any other issues will pop up.

It’s real fake news


Screen cap from WGNAmerica’s Outsiders.

I can’t help but hit the pause on the remote when a newspaper pops up in a TV show or movie I’m watching. I saw this one earlier this week during the season’s first episode of the backwood, hill folk, off-grid hillbillies known as the “Outsiders” on WGNAmerica.

I see the fictional Lexington Gazette is pretty big on running long stories on page one. Up style heds? Not a fan.

I’m amused that they tease a story on A3 as LOCAL NEWS. If I was running the show, you can bet that a sewage problem would have been on the front page!

FOR THE RECORD: The newspaper in Lexington, Ky., is a weekly, The News-Gazette.

Also, I’m sure that the good folk in the real Lexington are a lot nicer than their TV counterparts, but I wonder if they could set me up with some o’ that Ferrell Shine?