When there are no newspapers, where will all the angry people go?


Here’s a fun blog highlighting stories from local newspapers about pissed off people. Complaints about noise, parking tickets, holiday hell, stolen car (couple pictured above), vandals, etc., etc.

Having worked at local papers (read that as small town) I know that some folks have no hesitation to run down to the local rag to complain just about anything and everything under the sun.

These days, I suppose most people (at least the technology able) just start a blog. But they’re missing out on the local photogs straining their noggins to come up with a creative way to illustrate the story.

I think that what makes this particular newspaper blog fun is the obviously posed photos of all the angry people.

I guess we know know the answer to the eternal question asked by the Prefab Four: “All the Angry People, Where Do They All Come From?”