Fake News metaphor? I think not!


My good friends over at the Huffington Post put this tease on their front page. Excuse me? Fake News in a printed newspaper? I think not. However, it’s yet more evidence that the newspaper as a metaphor for news in general (fake or otherwise) is going strong. But, shouldn’t this be a image of a website?


They don’t call it the daily fish wrap for nothin!


Hufpo reminds us to:

Simply line your vegetable and fruit drawers with newspaper to absorb any stink that may be coming from the fridge’s bounty. 

Well, the fish wrap was not so much for its smell-absorbing properties, but mainly for the convenience of having cheap wrapping paper.

It’s still something that yer fancy tablet is not going to help out with. In this case, there’s NO app for that!

Earthquake/Tsunami Front Pages via the HuffPost


My good friends at The Daily Beast has a gallery of earthquake/Tsunami front pages from Japanese newspapers — with helpful translations of the prominent headlines.

I had started to do my own gallery from pages posted at the Newseum, but the HuffPost beat me to it. Sometimes procrastination does pay off.

There are numbers of relief organizations that you can donate to to help the disaster survivors, but I’m putting my money down with MercyCorps.