Adapt or Die: ‘The whole world is our competition’


A new documentary about The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s “experimenting with new tools to tell stories in preparation for the end of print in the digital era.”

Did you catch that? THE END OF PRINT  What a frightening thought. Although the “Print is Dead” philosophy has been around for years and years, I don’t think it will ever die — at least not until digital ad revenue equals print ad revenue. Until that happens, or gets pretty close, newspaper owners are not going to kill their main sources of revenue.

Notes from Director’s James Kicklighter:

Back in 2008, when The Rocky Mountain News shut down because of financial and digital pressures, it was largely because they couldn’t adapt to this new media environment. We discussed their film Final Edition extensively, and I envisioned Digital Edition as a sort of response to that film.

Watch Digital Edition at the director’s site or on Amazon Prime. … and you heard that correctly in the film: at one time the AJC was losing (use your Dr. Evil voice) ONE MILLION DOLLARS — a week!

Full disclosure: I work for Cox Media Group of which the AJC is part of. Although I work in the same building, I am rarely, if ever, on the newsroom floor. I did work for the AJC briefly several decades ago.


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