So many fake newspapers on the TV

Bates Motel

Exhibit 1: The White Pine Bay Current on A&E’s “Bates Motel.” That’s young Normal Bates hiding behind the headlines of the fake newspaper in the fictional town of White Pine Bay. Not a fan of the caps hed style, but what bothers me more is the spelling of “Current” instead of “Courant.” Did the prop people do this on purpose? I’m thinking no. They just messed this one up.

Sun Records-1

Exhibit 2: The Nesbit Daily Times, from CMT’s “Sun Records.” Although Nesbit exists I’m not finding record of the NDT on the Interwebs. Kudos to the props department for capturing the style of a 1950’s newspaper. But, this looks like more of big city newspaper, not a small-town newspaper that I expect the real Nesbit would have had. I do like how the hed says Inter-State instead of Interstate as we all have come to say.

Sun Records-2

Exhibit 2: And that same issue of the Nesbit Daily Times makes a strategic re-appearance at the end of the episode. That’s the Tom “Colonel” Parker character. I doubt we’ll be seeing that issue again, but don’t fret, the Colonel just took a nasty beating, he’s not dead and will go on to be Elvis Presley’s manager.


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