Looking back at the Gering Courier

My first newspaper job out of college was a reporter/photographer for the Gering Courier, a weekly in Gering Neb., which is just south of the big western Nebraska city of Scottsbluff.

I was there for two and a half years and, sorry to say, pretty much hated it the entire time. Well, not really the entire time. I did meet some really great people, but I think that I was just plain homesick for my home state of Colorado. Trading mountains for cornfields did not go over big with me.

Here’s a snip about the building from the National Park Service site:

Pioneer newspaperman Asa Butler Wood constructed the two-story Gering Courier Building in Gering in 1915. … The Gering Courier was the first newspaper published in Gering. The history of the Courier Building is interwoven with the lives of the first owner, editor, and printer, A. B. Wood, and his son Warren C. Wood. …

For a bit more, hit up the NPS’s Gering Courier page

When I was there, I worked for the Jack D. Lewis, the son-in-law of Warren Wood. Wood was a bonafide hero in WWII, and Jack kept the Lt. Colonel’s service .45 in his desk drawer.



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