Vive le kiosque!


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Why the Newspaper Kiosks in Paris are so Important

Paris’ 150 year-old newspaper kiosk could be considered one of the most “charming” little features of its urban landscape. A nostalgic reminder of simpler and more romantic times, largely unchanged over the years since they first appeared in 1857 during Baron Haussmann’s renovation of Paris. Just like London’s iconic red telephone booth, the Parisian kiosk is regarded as a nice way to preserve some of the city’s history, but no longer quite as “relevant” to modern society.

I absolutely love newspaper kiosks. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many places outside of New York City that you’ll find a newspaper kiosk. I even don’t recall seeing any in downtown Chicago. And the Windy City is the second largest city in the USA.

I guess vendors realize that it’s cheaper to put up a big ugly rack of papers than to pay some one to staff a real kiosk. That’s too bad.



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