The grand daddy of ’em all


I noticed this in that horrid movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Of course, it’s the Daily Planet, longtime home of Clark Kent and Supes.

This is probably the worst version of TDP that I’ve ever seen. You would have thought that will all the money they spent on this movie, they would have throw a couple of more bucks at a real newspaper designer to spiff up the front page.

First of it’s Superman and he’s dead. DEAD! If this isn’t the time for a Jesus headline, then when? It should have been two f-ing decks, like this:


And second, THERE”S NOT PHOTO OF SUPES!! What’s up with that? You always, always, always run a photo of the person who’s dead.

Lastly, where’s the color? Seriously? The world’s greatest and most iconic superhero is DEAD and you scrimp on Page One color?

How in the hell do they think they were gonna sell any extra newspapers?


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