Fake newspaper, real house


I see this commercial on the TV all the time.

About Trulicity TV Commercial, “Restoration

Robert, a building renovator, talks about how he used Trulicity to reach his blood sugar and A1C goals while restoring a community center in time for its grand opening.

Unfortunately, The Rushmead Chronicle is a fake-for-tv newspaper. But as a fake 1898 newspaper, It’s pretty bad. Halftones in a local newspaper would have been unheard of and that ALL CAPS screaming heds? Oy!

Fortunately, despite it’s fictional name, the Arodoyne Plantation  is real and is in Schriever, Louisiana.

Note to my none USA readers: Yes, in the USA, unlike most of the rest of the world, Big Pharma (and Little Pharma) can advertise anything they want.


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