See you in court!



Colorado state Sen. Ray Scott (R)  tweets à la Trump that his local paper (The Daily Sentinel) published “fake news” because he (presumably) doesn’t like an editorial criticizing him. Did you catch that? It was an editorial. Scott may not realize that editorials are opinions.

Jay Seaton responds:

‘‘A tried-and-true method for avoiding that accountability is to undermine the credibility of the speaker. When Sen. Scott asserts that The Daily Sentinel is “fake news,” he intends to diminish The Sentinel as a purveyor of reliable information.’’

before going on to say,

“I don’t think I can sit back and take this kind of attack from an elected official. We are brokers in facts. Words have real meaning in this business. Sen. Scott has defamed this company and me as its leader.’’

Seaton concludes with ‘‘I’ll see you in court.’’

I hope Seaton follows through. Just because Trump can get away with stunts like this, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in the real world.

Proud that The Sentinel is standing up for Open Records. Proud that smaller papers are standing up to bullies.

DISCLOSURE: I worked at The Daily Sentinel from 1991-1996 as a copy editor and page designer.


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