It’s real fake news


Screen cap from WGNAmerica’s Outsiders.

I can’t help but hit the pause on the remote when a newspaper pops up in a TV show or movie I’m watching. I saw this one earlier this week during the season’s first episode of the backwood, hill folk, off-grid hillbillies known as the “Outsiders” on WGNAmerica.

I see the fictional Lexington Gazette is pretty big on running long stories on page one. Up style heds? Not a fan.

I’m amused that they tease a story on A3 as LOCAL NEWS. If I was running the show, you can bet that a sewage problem would have been on the front page!

FOR THE RECORD: The newspaper in Lexington, Ky., is a weekly, The News-Gazette.

Also, I’m sure that the good folk in the real Lexington are a lot nicer than their TV counterparts, but I wonder if they could set me up with some o’ that Ferrell Shine?


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