Alternative facts is wrong


A Fifth of U.S. Newspapers Kept the Women’s Marches Off the Front Page

… almost 450 newspapers archived by the Newseum found that more than 22% didn’t even even mention the protests on their Sunday front pages. Another 27% mentioned the protests, but did not make them their lead story.

Well, not quite accurate… My good friends over at the Newseum only tracked 450 newspapers for that day, BUT there more than 1,200 newspapers in the US. (Anyone know what the count is as of the end of 2016?)

The folks at Quartz are wrong!

1-5? I don’t think so. It would have been more accurate to say many or most or even “a lot” of newspapers, rather than saying a fifth. If the survey was more accurate the number would probably be a lot lower.

But, sad to see that “a lot” of US Newspapers did not deem the march worthy of front page coverage.





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