Oh, the agony.


I saw this on Easy.. unfortunately it was already sold, or I may have thought about buying it. My bag probably was only this clean on Day One. After that it was a shade of gray from all of the ink stains.

Back in the day, that would be in the late Sixties I was saddled with one of these to throw The Denver Post. Most days it was fine and I’d load up my entire route, get on my bike and go. However, Sunday mornings were a different matter. Back then the Sunday rag was a MONSTER. It really made a thump when it hit and there was no way you could actually throw it.

If you’re not familiar with this style of bag, it had a front an back pouch and I recall that I could get fewer than a dozen in both sides before it became too heavy to carry.

I’m blaming my back issues on TDP and this bag.


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