Once again, Newspapers shine

Unfortunately, it takes a disaster to show off how Newspapers can really shine.

Some of my favs of yesterday’s P1’s thanks to my good friends over at the Newseum.

Comments on ad placement:

Oakland Tribune:  You got that right. The workd does change.

The Clarion Ledger: Bad. Just bad. Someone should have had the guts to pull this healthcare ad.

Design comments. Kudos to:

The Arizona Republic and The (Greeley) Tribune, for letting the image carry the page.

— Oakland Tribune, for asking the question we’re all thinking.

— Star Advertiser and Boston Herald for the two-page wrap.

— The Virginian-Pilot for that screaming-this-is-important-Jesus head.

The Brownsville Herald, this is how you cover a big local story at the same time as a big national story.

Raspberries to the guys and gals at the:

— Calgary Sun who wrote that stupid Nowhere to run head and then put it in ALL CAPS!

— The Fort Collins Coloradoan, for dropping their flag into the hard news photo. Jeez guys. Save that shit for FEATURES!

Haven’t made up mind mind on the Daily News. LIke the wrap. Debating the gore.





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