Digital guy on his first month in the newspaper trenches


Abe Epton, news apps developer, at the Chicago Tribune and newspaper newbie comments on how working in a newsroom differs from working in Google’s digital world.

Here’s a snip: “It doesn’t have free food (unless you steal from the fridges…” Ha! So true!

And another: “To begin with, the newsroom is one of the most connected places I’ve ever seen. Information flows through it constantly, via phones and police scanners and loud clackety-noise-making machines of indeterminate purpose (not the nearby typewriter), as well as the ubiquitous Tweetdeck and Chartbeat screens. We have our morning meetings on a television stage elevated in the middle of the room.”

I’m curious what that “clackety-noise-making machine” is. Maybe the copy machine, a printer or just the old coffee machine?


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