Obama P1s — The international version


My good friends on the copy/design desks basically had to work with a second-day story to turn out these jems, and not so jems on the Obama re-election. Again thanks to the good buds at these papers and at the Newseum for the screenshots.

Some comments on some of my favs:
Correio* – Salvador, Brazil — Nice portraite!

Capital Weekly – Sofia, Bulgaria — I knew that all of that confetti was going to mess with photos. Iwould have passed on this and used another.

Deccan Chronicle – Bangalore, India — Wow, does that iPhone ad really much up the design. Too bad.

The Telegraph – Calcutta, India — Typographical trickery!

StarKuala Lumpur – Malaysia — Obama 2.0 … not buying that, but I like the use of the hands in the victory photo.

The New Zealand – Herald Auckland, New Zealand — Family photo time!

Aftenposten – Oslo – Norway — Clean modularity all the way.

Manila Bulletin – Manila, Philippines — Lots to look at here, but I think it’s a good job. Lots of info graphics

ARA – BarcelonaSpain — Love the hed play on Benetton.

Aftonbladet – Stockholm, Sweden — Is that Obama hiding behind all of that type? He looks pissed off. I would be too. I wonder what Bittra Hatet –mot means?

Tages-Anzeiger – Zurich, Switzerland — Let’s not sully the page with a photo! Nice illustration, but what’s up with the pit stains?

My Paper – Singapore, The Republic of Singapore — Gobama, Gobama. Gobama! Alabama fans would love this one.

Khaleej Times – Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Not buying Obamagic. Not. At. All. Or Danni’s hair!


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