Obama front pages

From my good friends at the Newseum and from the various newspapers, here are some of this morning’s P-1’s of Obama’s re-election. As a former page designer I wish I had done some of these.

Some of my most favs: 

The Clarion Ledger — Love the he’d and graphics. Simple yet dynamic!

Chicago Sun-Times — A for effort.. if only they had carried the lyrics a little further ” … I’m your man!”

Boston Herald — Way to get that Obama logo in the he’d! TWICE!

Las Vegas Sun — A full-page graphic that’s elegantly done.

The Plain Dealer — Lots of type, but kudos for getting a photo of the First Family up.

The Virginia-Pilot — Again, lots of type cramming up the page, but the large photo balances it out.

The New Leader — Stock photo!? Couldn’t wait for the wave at the victory speech?

Marshfield News-Herald — One of the best beds. Won Two. I get it. Well done.

Wyoming Tribune Eagle — They must of wandered across the state line into Colorado — if you know what I mean — to think they could get Obama photo along with all of the mugs of the local pols in. And they did!

Lexington Hearld-Leader — Lover the overlook look. Hate the file photo.

The Reporter — Love the look. Hate they used a file photo.

Tampa Bay Times — “Second Act” has a meaning that I don’t think that they intended it to.. or did they?

Star Advertiser — HANA HOU. SHouldn’t that be HANA HOU! Had to Google that. But now it makes complete sense and is neatly tailored to their home turf.

The Times — Great, great hed!

The Birmingham News — They waited for the victory speech for some fresh art and it paid off. Great design. Simple and to the point.


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