Newspaper Carrier: I Work Hard To Deliver Your Grandma’s Paper, And I Exist

For our younger readers who aren’t familiar, a newspaper is sort of like Google News, but all printed on a piece of paper, and it doesn’t update automatically. Newspapers don’t automatically appear on your doorstep, though. It might seem like magic, but there’s a real person who bundles up those papers and drives around in all kinds of weather to get them on your doorstep before you wake up. Reader Auron, a newspaper carrier, responded to our call for readers to tell us what they wish the general public knew about their jobs.

One job a lot of readers probably know very little to nothing about is newspaper delivery…

Newspapers get to the carrier late, supplies come out of my paycheck and no one appreciates the job I do. “Hours vs pay really sucks” Not much has changed since I threw The Denver Post as an 11 year old back in the early ’70s. Trouble is now adults are trying to make a living doing this! Ouch!


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