Sign the petition to stop the deportation of newspaperman Mario Guevara


Mudo Hispanico (Atlanta) reporter Mario Guevara is facing deportation after his asylum request was rejected. Please sign the petition:

Mario Guevara’s political asylum was denied on June 21, 2012. He is supposed to leave the country by August 20th; of the current year. The judge also requested a bail of $1,500.00.

Mario came in March of 2004, he has plenty of media samples to proof the attacks that he suffered in El Salvador; yet all of them were not taken into account. In addition the judge stated that it is safe now for him to return.

Mario and his wife Miriam E. Saenz, and their children have made a home in the United States. To take them to a country where apparently there are no political problems is not wise to do so. We fear that if he goes back something may happen to him or to his family. Mario happens to be great at his work.

He works for the most important Hispanic newspaper in Georgia, Mundo Hispanico, and a part of The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Please sign the petition so the Guevara family may stay in this country.


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