Let’s avoid becoming ‘click whores’


“Click Whore.” I learned a new term today. Wouldn’t my dear old mom be proud of me.

Anywho… Insightful LA Times piece about the survival of print newspapers. It’s written by David Horsey, but has nothing to do with politics. File this under automated shovel ware to the web.

Anywho… They had me at the now (impotent) Man of Steel cartoon from way back in 2009. Just love the fact that the world’s best known superhero is a newspaperman!

Anywho… Horsey makes his point by starting:

“What’s black and white and read all over?” That is the setup for what used to be the first joke learned by most every American kid

and wraps up at the very end of the piece:

Sure, any fool can get a lot of page views by running photos of cute kittens, funny dogs, hot cheerleaders and bosomy models in bikinis. It might bring in a lot of money. It might be read all over.

But it would not be a newspaper.

Click whore. Yes, mom would be so proud.


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