Oy! Small town newspaper editor busted by blogger

Having been a small-town newspaper editor, I feel for this ed. Apparently an article that ran in his paper was plagerized from a blogger’s website.

There’s no byline in the paper, so who knows how it got there. A freelancer? Did someone just “hand” it in…. yes, that does happen in small newspapers.

Confrontations are never easy and this is not the finest hour for either the editor or blogger or the woman, for that matter. I like the questioning of where the blogger lives, as if that matters — the implication being that he’s sticking his nose into an area that he has no right being in.

I’ve gotten that attitude for a lot of folks over the years — mainly from cops, who I swear had thought bubbles over their heads that start out “Hey, college boy. Take your fancy pants outta here …”

I guess the upside is that the editor was big enough or smart enough to pay the blogger and the blogger got his money. But I seriously doubt that the story would have run if the editor would have known it was going to cost him $500. To a small paper, that amounts to something like the YEARLY budget for coffee!

Read more of the story at the blogger’s site.


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