A peek into The New York Times morgue — that’s “archive” to you civilians

The New York Times’s morgue would be a fun place to dig through — you can do some of that already digitally, but going through a paper morgue connects you back to the people of a specific era — reporters, editors, photographers along with those they reported on.

There’s also that wonderful musty smell of old clippings. I love it. Of course, one of these days, there won’t be any more paper morgues– it’ll all be digital and for a price you’ll be free to browse. What a shame. Another newspaper product will soon bite [byte] the dust!

I love the fact that the Times has moved their morgue to an undisclosed location three stories underground. Sort of like a doomsday-proof vault for old newspaper clippings!

BTW — that’s Marilyn Monroe looking as some clippings if you haven’t guessed.


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