The New York Times throws up its photo morgue — sort of


Check out The Lively Morgue, a Tumblr site by The New York Times. They’re posting photos from their extensive morgue. How many photos are there?

From the About page:

How many? We don’t know. Our best guess is five million to six million prints and contact sheets … and 300,000 sacks of negatives … at least 10 million frames in all.

The picture archive also includes 13,500 DVDs, each storing about 4.7 gigabytes worth of imagery.

If we posted 10 new archival pictures every weekday on Tumblr, just from our print collection, we wouldn’t have the whole thing online until the year 3935.

Soooooooo, they won’t be posting all of goodies, just some of them, and of course reprints are for sale.

In addition to the cutline accompanying the images, they’re also including an image of the back of the photo, which includes hand-scribbled notes about when it was published, crop marks and sometimes even how much the freelancer was paid. Great inside baseball stuff!


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