Newspapers guilty of age discrimination?

My good bud Jim Romenesko has a letter and and lively discussion under the above head.


Young vs. old in the newsroom strikes me as a false choice. Even an old reporter who’s slow to understand (much less embrace) blogging/twitter/multimedia can still turn in great content for the paper (or website). In fact, an older reporter might be best suited to keep doing what they do: chasing down leads, finding interesting stories and reporting them to the readership.

The letter writer asks about age discrimination and, of course, there are plent of comments.

I’ve found in my neck of the woods, the newspapers make everyone reapply for their positions, eliminate a boat load of positions and then dangle a juicy worm — take an “early retirement” with better than average benefits, or face the real likelihood of not getting the “new” job and being out on the street with only two weeks severance pay.

Well, guess which employees don’t/can’t gamble and grab the extended severance package? Yup, the young’ens don’t have much to lose while us Boomers have lots to lose and can’t take the bet.

Discrimination? Not by the letter of the law, but what about the spirit of the law?


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