Newspapers Death Watch: Part 2

Daily newspaper delivery will go the way of the milkman in a growing number of communities in 2012 and beyond.

My good friend the Newsosaur points out that in park of Michigan, daily newspapers are reducing the number of days they offer home delivery.

Forget about a 7-day delivery schedule, some are opting for a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday sked. That doesn’t mean they’re not printing everyday, it just means you won’t be able to pick the paper out of your bushes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

And, of course, circulation numbers continue to fall there.

Ol’ Newsosaur points out:

On average, the industry reaps less than 14% of its ad revenues from digital media, according to the NAA.

To me that’s the heart of the matter. Stockholders and bean counters (and just about everyone in the newsroom) wants digital to work out, but where’s the money?

Where’s the money? That’s the big question.That old cash cow ain’t milking like she used to. Back in the day they said that owning a newspaper was like owning a printing press for money.

In the future (like, now) we’ll have to lower our expectations and wake up to the fact that old Bossy isn’t going back to her days of productive youth.

How about we figure out how to bump up that 14% ? Anyone?


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